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With a rotating head and a substantial 12 mm percussion, the Lumi PowerPRO™ enables athletes to turbocharge their recovery and maximize training results.

The Lumi PowerPRO™ massage gun is ergonomically designed to reach deep into awkward areas to release tension and relieve pain in under 5 minutes - no more aches and pains after exercise!

With its percussive action, pulsating waves work deep into the muscle releasing tension in the fascia and increasing blood flow in the region, this promotes the repair of the muscle fibers and surrounding connective tissue.

Imagine the effect of a pebble on water, this is exactly how our percussive massagers work! By accelerating to speeds of up to 3200 RPM, the massage head creates a resonant wave that ripples deep through your muscle.

The included 5x high-quality silicone massage heads enable deep tissue massage in all areas and the included carry case makes it easy to take your Lumi PowerPRO™ anywhere!


£95.00 Regular Price
£85.00Sale Price
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