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Booking using vouchers

Thank you for buying a voucher with us! We look forward to meeting you. In order for us to see you, you need to follow these steps.  

So you have paid for your Groupon Code on the officials Groupon site or have been gifted this from a great friend or family member! 

You now need to go to our booking site see below the link

Great now follow these steps 

Step one. Pick the location you want to attend. 

Note! Not all of our locations can honour Groupon Vouchers so if the following option is not there this means you have to pick a different location.

Step 2. Pick Groupon & Wowcher











Step 3. You will be taken to the following page where you can pick your service. 

If you are unsure on which massage type to have check out our page on what massage is best for me. 


















Step 4. Once's you have read carefully the types of 

1. Massage 

2. Vouchers provider 

You can then go to the next step and pick from our list of add ons to the session ! 

or if not just click next 

Now you can pick from one of our great staff members who is free at the time.

(Note if one of the therapist is not free it's likely that you will have the other therapist displayed )















Step 5. You can now pick a time and date you can attend your appointment. You can also join waiting lists however, this is in order of priority and we have over 50 people on each day! so best to look for a future date or picking a different staff memeber. ( Sorry we are good! :) ) 


Step 6. You will then need to sign up. Please use your personal email as we will send you important information's on this email.  

















Step 7. You will then need to enter the Groupon Security's Code. 

NOT - the ID order number or Groupon Code Se below the yellow code Groupon Security's Code that you will need to enter in the next section. 

Fill in the screening questions then you are done! 

Important notes 

Groupon Vouchers are only to be used by first time clients

They can't be reused and you should not buy them again to use yourself. You can gift it to someone who has not been to us before. This is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity  to try our services.

Have a look at our prices list to see out best deals going forward.


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