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Fundraising for a course by supporting NHS Staff with Sports Massage!

This week, treated - Bradley Wilson, NHS Community Physiotherapist!

Bradley Wilson

Some more information about Bradley

Role - Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner (band 7) for Urgent Community Response. Our multi-disciplinary team sees community patients at risk of hospital admission. This includes patients who are fallers or those who are unable to manage daily tasks at home. From a physiotherapy perspective, we provide a variety of interventions and treatments to aid admission avoidance and promote independence at home. This includes mobility aids, exercise programmes, fall prevention advice, liaison with other services, and short-term (rehab-based to regain independence) or wrap-around care.

Length - I started as a Senior Physiotherapist (band 6) for UCR in May 2020. I progressed to my current band 7 role in March 2023.

Favourite—I love how I can see patients who are at risk of admission progress through physiotherapy input to manage safely and independently at home and then get out and about more to access the community. I find this a very rewarding part of my role. I also like how this role keeps me on my toes, as I quite often have to think on the spot to problem-solve or come up with interventions. You never know what you’ll walk into out in the community!

Challenges—In this role, I often find myself finding patients in difficult, complex situations, which can be stressful. I also have to spend time finding solutions and liaising with other services to make sure a patient is safe to be at home.

As it is a community role, some days I drive a lot between patients, which is poor for posture. Due to the complex, demanding caseload we get, you can find yourself rushing between patients.

To help patients be safe at home, we sometimes have to deliver heavy pieces of equipment (E.g., walking aids, standing aids, etc.), which can be physically taxing.

In addition, my hours can be long and tiring, which shows the physical and mental challenges I face in my role.

Due to working long hours at times and regularly playing tennis, I often do not find time to look after my body and mental well-being. It’s about time I did this.

A sports massage would be a great place to start!

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